DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter acts as an exhaust system for the diesel-oriented vehicles to trap smoke and soot formed by the combustion of the engine. The DPF is really important for the diesel manufacturers to maintain the emissions standards. But these filters have some drawbacks as well. The DPF block causes back pressure that leads to lower the performance and increases the fuel consumption. With our advanced tool are able to switch it off without check engine appears on the dash.

This is allowed for off road use only. Thanks to our experience and technology we are able to provide the same power and efficiency with or without DPF filter. DPF will eventually become blocked usually after every 60, km reducing vehicle performance and increasing fuel consumption. The best way to resolve clogged DPF filter is clean it professionally and preserve its efficiency for long time.

Live chat. DPF delete. DPF Block. Reasons why DPF is blocked. This is generally caused due to small distance journeys at low pace. One of the causes for DPF to get blocked is poor servicing of the vehicle.

Not using right type of oil for your vehicle may cause blockage to the filters. DPF Delete. Benefits of DPF Delete. The backpressure is reduced, that means better air flow through the engine and hence more power to ease the air flow. The fuel economy will be improved to a great extent as it does not require prevailing over the back pressure while DPF regeneration. During the process of DPF regeneration, raw fuel is left in the exhaust so as to assist in the cleaning process.

The fuel consumption is reduced after a DPF Delete. It provides a complex-free engine that does not need to suffer any complexity in the engine.

Inexpensive repair bills. Without DPF filter in Australia. Remap developed for DPF filter installed. We always suggest to keep the DPF and have a custom ECU remap which gives you: increase of power increase of torque fuel saving no black smoke no fines environment friendly.

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ECU Remap Tuning. Car makes DPF delete. Request car price DPF delete.These are highly carcinogenic, which means they contribute to cancer. Diesel engines produce significant amounts of particulates in their soot caused by incomplete combustion of fuel, although this has been steadily improved over the years by technology such as common-rail fuel injection.

Nevertheless, diesel particulates are still a problem and that is why there is a special filter fitted to modern diesels to catch them — the DPF. How does the vehicle know the DPF is full? The clearing of the DPF is done by burning off the PM when the exhaust temperature gets high enough, as it would on a freeway cruise. This is known as passive regeneration. In that case, the car needs to artificially increase the exhaust temperate for the burn-off to happen — this is either a workshop procedure, or some vehicles have a special button so the user can do it.

Regeneration takes anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, depending on lots of different factors such as the amount of soot built up, type of engine and vehicle operating conditions. During the regeneration process fuel consumption is increased a little, but not enough to make a significant difference.

toyota hilux dpf regeneration

The DPF can only survive for a certain number of cycles before it needs replacing. Exactly when is dependent on the vehicle and its use, but for higher-mileage vehicles it will be a reasonably significant cost that prospective owners should bear in mind. At that point the vehicle will at the very least flash up a warning saying the DPF is full.

However, we have reports of diesel 4WDs that spend a solid day doing low-speed work — manoeuvring trailers for example — and after that they need a DPF clean. Now you may think that while speeds are slow the exhaust temperate is high so passive cleaning still works. Low speed regeneration is achievable including driving in Low Range.

Once activated while driving, the vehicle can still regenerate at idle for a short periods. Toyota do, but tend to have a manual cleaning cycle that can be done at idle — see photo above. What happens if a DPF fills up? The vehicle can still be driven, however it is advised that the customer should visit a dealer where they can perform a stationary service regeneration using a service tool.

It is also worth mentioning the fire risk. Any 4WD operated in long grass that is dry runs the risk of fire, not so much from setting the vegetation alight as it goes by but from a buildup of grasses that get caught in and around the exhaust. This has always been a risk, but with the higher temperature as a result of a DPF burnoff it is even more of a risk. The solution is to avoid long grass, or if you must drive through it constantly check and remove any buildup of debris.

That is a problem for those of us that rely on vehicles in remote locations, but it is not one that manufacturers seem inclined to address. Kudos has to go to Toyota for including a manual DPF system, and to some extent Ford for making their system work at low speeds. But a minimum speed for DPF re-gen?

DPF delete

First Name:. Email address:. A fact of life indeed. This why I avoid diesels in anything but a Ute or off roader.

toyota hilux dpf regeneration

Use engine oil with the wrong sulphur content and it may kill your DPF early. If you need to do dpf burn of in the bush.Originally announced in December, the lawsuit could involve more thanvehicles. The case against Toyota Australia alleges the diesel particulate filter fitted to the 2. A diesel particulate filter DPF is fitted between the engine and exhaust to collect soot and dangerous particles from diesel vehicles.

When the engine reaches a certain temperature, the contents of the filter are burnt off in a process known as regeneration. DPF Australia was founded to fill the demand for a more realistically priced range of replacement Diesel Particulate Filters and associated diesel products and to support the Australian motor trade with technical support and education about DPFs their systems.

An Australian based company with extensive technical knowledge, DPFs Australia believe that we offer you a quality product and great service at a price which is significantly lower than OE DPFs. This, in turn, causes the Affected Vehicles to experience a myriad [sic] of other issues, including decreased power, increased fuel consumption and the emission of excessive white smoke and diesel particulate matter into the atmosphere.

Toyota Australia began calling owners of the affected vehicles back to the dealership for a free fix in Octoberwhich involved an update to the engine software, the introduction of a DPF custom mode, and a manual inspection of the DPF for built-up particulate matter. The company also started fitting a manual regeneration button to the HiLux, Prado and Fortuner in the middle of Toyota faces class action over Hilux DPF. With thanks, Scott Collie, caradvice. Search for:. View Product Information.If your Toyota car was manufactured afterthen it is very likely to have been fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter DPF which is a device designed to remove harmful particulates from entering the atmosphere, simply by removing the soot particles from the Exhaust before they are expelled.

All T, SR diesel engines, as well as those with the 2. The chances of getting a blocked a DPF, and seeing the dreaded warning light appear on the dashboard, are increased ten fold if you do a lot of short journeys, the type where the car never reaches normal operating temperature and fifth or sixth gear. A DPF needs a long journey of at least 20 — 30 minutes every few hundred miles, in order for the car to reach the required operating parameters, in order for the DPF to regenerate and burn off the soot that it has collected.

This ensures that the coolant, oil and exhaust gas temperatures reach the required level for a regeneration attempt. If the DPF manages to regenerate itself, congratulations, you should be ok for a few more hundred miles, and have dodged the DPF bullet!.

toyota hilux dpf regeneration

However you will need to make sure that you take the car on regular motorway journeys, to avoid a repeat of the DPF blocking in the future. Personally I think it is wrong for Toyota to refuse to replace a DPF whilst the car is under Warranty, it also perhaps proves how much faith Toyota have in their own engineering, if they cannot cover a key emissions component, for the duration of the Warranty.

I would reward Toyota for this attitude, by avoiding their dealers and instead of meekly handing over four figures for a new DPF, you should be able to get the existing one removed and professionally cleaned from one of the many DPF cleaning companies for a fraction of that price.

Once purchased take the DPF to an independant dealer or even a back street exhaust fitter and you should be able to have it fitted within an hour, for much less than the dealer labour charges. Skip to content.

Does my Toyota have a dpf? Proudly powered by WordPress.The models all use Toyota's 2. Major issues around the DPF began to emerge in late At that time the law firm said engines may have suffered "increased wear and tear" and can emit a strong-smelling white smoke.

Toyota Australia initiated a "Customer Service Campaign" not technically a recall to try and resolve the issue. If the test was negative, the DPF was replaced. In a statement today, Toyota New Zealand TNZ acknowledges that "it has been working with owners of diesel vehicles produced between late and mid to fix a Diesel Particulate Filter issue.

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TNZ says the problem is largely confined to Hilux models in the North Island and that vehicles manufactured since mid are not affected. What does a DPF do? The Diesel Particulate Filter DPF is a device designed to reduce emissions by removing diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

The cleaning process is known as "regeneration" or "burn" and is needed when the DPF capacity reaches a predetermined level. Regeneration is performed automatically and is self-managed by the engine management system. During DPF burn it's normal for the engine to display increased idle speed around rpma different engine note, a hot smell from the exhaust and a slight increase in fuel consumption. Active regeneration is less likely to occur at very low speed or when the engine is turned on and off frequently.

Aussie class action over Hilux diesel filter, NZ models affected too. Toyota NZ says model produced after mid are not affected. Fortuner picturedLand Cruiser Prado included in Australian class action. All DPF-affected models are powered by Toyota's 2.Toyota Australia could soon find itself in court after news that legal firm Bannister Law is looking into a potential class action suit against the company over diesel particulate filter problems.

A diesel particulate filter essentially works to limit or eliminate the amount of diesel particulate matter, or soot, by capturing soot in the filter and burning it off when the exhaust system reaches high temperatures under certain circumstances - often at highway speeds.

In the second half of Toyota Australia introduced updated versions of the HiLux, Prado and Fortuner, all of which feature a DPF burn switch that eliminates the issue.

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Further, Bannister Law acknowledges that the Japanese brand has also worked to offer affected owners a fix - by way of a clean of the DPF, replacement of problem parts, or a retro-fitted DPF burn switch, which can trigger a clean of the filter at will. The law firm says it is considering a claim on behalf of owners, which may encompass repairs not covered or paid for under warranty, loss of income and loss of use due to repairs, compensation for fuel use increases, compensation for low of power, and compensation for deprecation due to the known issues with this generation of DPF-equipped models.

If the smoke test is negative, the DPF will be replaced. All inspection work and replacement, if required, will be completed free of charge to the customer. The potential for impact is sizeable, then. As for those who wish to find out more about the potential class action, head to www. It might have just been named the best car in the world, but the accolade won't Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search.

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A DPF works to limit or eliminate soot by capturing it in a filter and burning it off. Matt Campbell. But according to Bannister Law, it may be too little, too late. Tell us about them in the comments below. Stay up to date with the cars guide weekly newsletter. Most viewed in news New Mazda BT to launch in ?

Imminent Isuzu D-Max arrival means twin could follow suit.

Toyota 2.8 DPF failures & the moral case for particle filters - Auto Expert John Cadogan

Here's why Australia will miss out on the world's best car It might have just been named the best car in the world, but the accolade won't Dual-cab ute design changes could affect off-road capability Your next Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux or any other dual-cab ute will potentiallyIf you continue to drive with the light on, you are risking not just damaging the DPF but also the turbo.

If a vehicle fails to regenerate the diesel particulate filter will become blocked and the engine management or DPF warning light will illuminate. The failure to regenerate can be caused by the style of driving or type of journeys covered not allowing the vehicle to reach the parameters required for regeneration or due to the failure of a sensor or component associated with the regeneration process.

It is paramount that the reason the original diesel particulate filter became blocked is correctly diagnosed and rectified prior to installation of a replacement unit. Once this has been done and the new unit fitted the vehicle must be set up correctly with compatible diagnostic equipment. Failure to set up the vehicle correctly after installation will almost certainly lead to the replacement DPF becoming blocked.

This is just an example of our pricing, which is at least a quarter of the price of a new DPF across the board. We clean all DPF's, all makes, all models. If your vehicle isn't listed call us for pricing.

Toyota DPF: understanding your diesel particulate filter

All full diagnostic check is done before any work is done to check the DPF is blocked. The Diesel Particulate Filter DPF is housed in the exhaust and is designed to capture the soot particles emitted from modern diesel engines. Sadly, many of the DPF equipped cars are developing problems due to the DPF either failing, clogging up or just failing to carry out a regeneration properly.

This can be down to the age of the vehicle, mileage or could be simply down to the driving style of the owner. Whatever it is, when a DPF warning light illuminates it often means a pretty expensive bill is on its way.

If this does happen, there are some upsides. The DPF is seen as a consumable by many manufacturers and warranty providers.

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The cost of replacing or regenerating the filter is normally not covered but we would suggest seeking advice if you are experiencing DPF related issues. Ultrasonic cleaners employ oscillating sound pressure waves at frequencies beyond those perceptible by the human ear Ultrasound. As the soundwaves act on the tank and agitate the contained liquid, cavitation the implosion of tiny air bubbles within the liquid is induced.

This acts against contaminants adhered to objects contained in the vessel, separating the two much more gently, efficiently and precisely than would be the case with conventional cleaning methods aided by brushes or solvents.

The ultrasonic cleaning process is used in conjunction with solutions in suitable carrier liquids often water. As the ultrasonic-induced cavitation occurs, the effectiveness of the aqueous solution is greatly improved to deliver an outstanding clean.

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To find out why, click on the button below. Indeed there are companies advertising just such a service including reprogramming of the engine management software, but is it legal? DPFs are fitted to meet European emissions regulations designed to reduce vehicle emissions of particulate matter soot associated with respiratory disease and cancer. Removal of a DPF will almost invariably contravene these requirements, making the vehicle illegal for road use.

You must notify your insurer if the vehicle is modified but such a modification could in turn invalidate any insurance cover because it makes the vehicle illegal for road use. From February the inspection of the exhaust system carried out during the MOT test will include a check for the presence of a DPF. With an original equipment DPF removed from the exhaust the car may or may not pass an MOT smoke test - a Euro V September diesel is more likely to fail than one designed to comply with earlier emissions standards.

We run a step by step process on every DPF we clean. This includes:. We are now offering free collection and return within a 35 mile radius and small charges for areas outside this range. Learn More. What is a DPF? Is my DPF covered under warranty?

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Frequently Asked Questions. Read More Here. Insurance You must notify your insurer if the vehicle is modified but such a modification could in turn invalidate any insurance cover because it makes the vehicle illegal for road use.

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